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Telpark (UK) Limited has been active in the field of voucher parking since their introduction in the early 1980's. The company was instrumental in the changing of the law to permit the use of pre-paid parking vouchers, which have become a popular economic and environmentally more appealing alternative to mechanical and electronic meters and pay and display machines.
Telpark (UK) Limited pioneered the introduction of scratch-off parking vouchers in the UK.


Telpark (UK) Limited offers commitment to security and quality.

Colin Johnson, Managing Director, introduced the same reprographic level of security to Telpark (UK) 's products as used to limit the forgery of bank notes, with a fine lathe print design produced exclusively for the company by the Bank of England. The company assures secure control of all elements of production, transportation and storage, whilst the company's products continue to keep pace with technological developments to limit forgery and reproduction.

We apply the same exacting standards to Quality as we do to Security. Telpark (UK) Limited operates within a policy of Quality Management of both products and services to capability standards ( BS EN ISO 9001 : 1994) to assure that we and our printers offer the best service possible to our clients.



Wherever a parking area requires control, Telpark (UK) has the experience, skills and proven track record to design, set up, implement and manage complete custom parking solutions for shopping complexes, hospitals, universities, district and large metropolitan inner city councils etc...

No matter how large or small the requirement, the experienced management team and trained staff are always willing to help provide you with a parking solution which best fits your need.

The executive family management team of Colin and Doreen Johnson and two daughters, Abigail and Rachel, assure you of consistent long term personal customer service and support.

Colin Johnson - Managing Director
Doreen Johnson - Director of Sales and Marketing
Abigail Hadjigeorgiou - Operations Manager
Rachel Hadjigeorgiou - Reprographic Manager


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