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End to end complete parking solutions from Telpark (UK)
Telpark (UK) offers complete on-street and off-street solutions for public, residents, residents' visitors and business parking.

Survey and Analysis

From an initial enquiry and consultation, Telpark (UK) Parking and Traffic Management Consultancy team undertakes parking, and traffic surveys and the analysis of ensuring data.

Design Proposal

Telpark (UK) design team proposes the most appropriate and cost effective system to meet the requirements.

Traffic Orders

Telpark (UK) writes the appropriate traffic orders.


Telpark (UK) writes tenders and evaluates submissions from suppliers of items such as signage, lining, machinery, enforcement software and hardware, and enforcement services.

Supervision and Project Management

Telpark (UK) Project Management Team oversees the implementation of the system and the on-going management of the project.

Public Relations and Advertising

Telpark (UK) facilitates the production and distribution of PR material and organises local media campaigns required to advertise schemes and inform the public.


Telpark (UK) designs and produces the appropriate vouchers and permits to enable the implementation of the solution.



Telpark (UK) manages the administration service of the voucher parking scheme including the recruitment of strategically plaed sales outlets and agents, and the distribution of parking vouchers to them.
The company produces regular statistical and financial reports analysing sales and stock figures.

Collection and Remittance of Revenue Funds

Telpark (UK) collects the parking voucher sales revenue and remits it to the Council.

Maintenance and Development

Telpark (UK) maintains an on-going reliable support service to its clients and their associated sales outlets and agencies.
Telpark (UK) continues to be in touch with its clients to advise on parking developments and to recommend improvements related to the needs of their area.



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